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Highly experienced senior executives 

One of the many advantages of using Corporate Counsel is that you get a highly experienced and senior executive working in your business in days, rather than waiting months for a permanent candidate. They could be finance, sales and marketing or HR director. Often clients are expanding and are not quite ready for the leap to a full-time member of their team.


The benefits of taking on a Senior Executive for a short term?

Whether you need to increase sales, implement a new system, or drive the expansion of the company with a transformational plan we can source talented executives with the skills and experience to ‘hit the ground running’ and make a real difference to your organisation.

We can often find someone to start with you in a few days or weeks so you can get moving quickly.

Once they are working for you they can then help with:

  • Finding a permanent candidate for the role
  • Preparing the job description and sitting in on the interviews
  • Supporting you with the final selection and helping with the initial handover period n interviews to help with recruiting a permanent candidate

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Our Executive Recruitment Process

As part of our approach, we encourage and train clients to take on the functions permanently when we have completed the project. This is typically how we will work.



Executive team or individual


Step 1

The Corporate Counsel team or individual is appointed to handle the immediate need and provide real benefits to the business and relieve the owner of a pressing challenge 




 Appointment to recruit permanent executive


Step 2

Once we have established that the business has the necessary support, we work with the owner to agree a timetable for the appointment of a permanent executive in a key role.




Executive recruitment process


Step 3

We then work with our network of contacts and recruitment professionals to create a short list of top-flight candidates.



Interview executive recruitment


Step 4

We arrange interviews and support the business owner with the selection process. Because we have been working with the owner for a period in their business, we understand their exact needs and will find the candidate with the best fit for the company.




 Executive support period


Step 5

Once the permanent candidate is on board we spend a short period helping with a handover and then we move on to our next project leaving the owner with a strong candidate and a seamless period of support for the business.




What People Say About Us


High profile and Positive Brand Visibility...

Paul conducted an extremely diligent and thorough audit of one of my clients corporate communications plans. His recommendations were incorporated into their IPO strategic plans and resulted in high profile and positive brand visibility at their time of stock market launch. Mark Pavan   |     |   Non-Executive Director at Mapa Research

Streamlined Processes...

Paul has only been with Jarmans for a short time as interim management support but his tenacity, diligence and intelligence have proven invaluable in terms of driving growth and creating streamlined processes. He is an intuitive trouble-shooter and provides a valuable sounding board at all times.” Jay S.   |     |   Solicitor

Provide Fresh Motivation & Ideas...

Corporate Counsel have been very helpful in supporting our business at an important time in our journey. A fresh pair of eyes really helps to put things in perspective and provide fresh motivation and ideas. Susan King   |     |   Cofounder Earthspa

Bring Out The Best In The Team...

I worked with Paul at NHS Hounslow, working on communications and engagement to support several major projects including an organisational development Step Change programme. Paul provides clear and strong leadership combined with a personable character, this helps bring out the best in the team he manages.” Nick Worner ICM   |     |   Marketing Manager, South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

Handled Communication Crises...

I worked with Paul when we were both in the Commercial Directorate at the Department of Health. Paul has a very strategic and professional approach and was a great Communications Director. He successfully handled communication crises in a calm, measured and confidence inspiring way. He is very personable and works well with others. I would happily recommend him to others and would be delighted to work with him again in the future. Sarah Bonnett   |     |   Director – NED – Coach



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