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The Alpha Group

We promise you, that as our clients you will double the value of your business if you commit to the programme.

Paul Vousden is the regional director for the Alpha Group which covers London and Kent. Paul runs two insightful peer to peer boards of business owners who meet monthly to review their most pressing concerns and find practical solutions. Membership of the Alpha Group runs from just 12 – 36 months.

The Alpha Group is a truly unique network with a proven method of getting results. Not just that, we promise every board member that they will double the value of their businesses within 2-3 years – in nearly 10 years of operation The Alpha Group has never broken this promise. As members say “it works”.

If you need executive interim management services for SMEs in London and the South East, get in touch to hear what the Alpha Group can do for you.

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Driving Your Business To Success With Speed


 To succeed in today’s fast moving world, it is essential that organisations adapt to new developments as consumers and businesses find new ways of buying, working and spending their leisure time. Change is not always easy and Corporate Counsel provides invaluable support, advice and plans to help companies change and thrive in the modern world.





Executive Interim Management for SMEs  in London and South East


Alpha GOLD Coaching Sessions

Sometimes Alpha Group board members need dedicated 1-to-1 coaching to help them develop their business strategies and ensure their company is achieving its goals. GOLD coaching sessions are agreed between the business owner and the Alpha Group Regional Director and are a powerful way for business owners to improve the performance of their operations. We will focus on key areas and not only provide practical advice but help you to implement it.

 Executive Interim Management for SMEs  in London and South East

Accelerator Projects

Whether you need senior short-term support to respond to major pressures in your industry, or you need long-term assistance to help you achieve long-term business goals, we are here to help. Our team of senior interim executives will hit the road running and rectify your problems fast, enabling you to build your business more quickly and with more control.


 Executive Interim Management for SMEs  in London and South East

Preparing for a Sale – Never Be Undersold

Selling your business is often the most important phase of your business life but so many business owners find that they either cannot sell for the price they expected or simply cannot sell at all. Research shows that less than 50% of business sales achieve the price they planned for. Even more problematic is the sale can often be delayed for several years because of a lack of success in marketing and negotiation thereby pushing back the exit plans of the owner even further.

Our ‘successful exit’ package will ensure your business is ready for sale and that you, the business owner, achieve the maximum price possible. You have worked hard to build your business, so make sure that it provides you with the financial future you deserve.  



If you would like executive interim management services for SMEs in London and the South East, get in touch to hear what the accelerator programme can do for you.



Interim Management Services You Can Count On

 Corporate Counsel is headed up by Paul Vousden, an experienced business and marketing executive who has created and built a number of highly successful businesses, growing and eventually selling them to key investors. He believes passionately in results and adopts an ‘inside the business’ approach to helping companies achieve success.

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Ensuring Quality Consultancy And Interim Management Services

Sales and Marketing

Our high performing executives will help you increase sales, revaluate targets and monitor current marketing trends.

People Management and Organisational Development

It is critical that your employees are working effectively, and we will examine your current workface to identify if there is room to grow.

Sale of the Business and Exit Plans for the Owner

Alternatively, you may be looking to sell your business, and we can make sure that you exit correctly and for the right price.







Corporate Governance for SMEs

Your business needs to be run properly, and we can make sure that your leadership acts responsibly in their role.

Business Acquisitions

If you are in the process of acquiring another business, we can oversee this transitional period and ensure that it will be a positive step in the long term.



If you are looking for executive interim management services for SMEs in London and the South East, get in touch and tell us what you need help with.